1 avril 2016 - Commentaires fermés sur Iridescent Fracture

Iridescent Fracture

With this short 3d animation, I wanted to challenge myself by creating in few hours a visual approach based on the fresnel shader : no physical render • no lights • 1 color shader • 5s / frame for a full HD video.

Music by Ryan Taubert — Traveller

1 mars 2016 - Commentaires fermés sur Nurun • Best Wishes

Nurun • Best Wishes

I had tons of fun in designing and animating these little cartoon animations to express our best wishes with Publicis Nurun. Here are some of them.
I show you in the previous video how to let the digital come to life!

29 février 2016 - Commentaires fermés sur Nurun • Holographic Wishes

Nurun • Holographic Wishes

Publicis Nurun send you their best wishes.
A countdown starts with animated mobile apps projected on a pyramid-like structure upside down on a smartphone. When you play a designated video, these little crazy apps are reflected on the pyramid’s clear walls, resembling a hologram.
So much fun to design and animate these short animations!

15 février 2016 - Commentaires fermés sur Ô Green • From paper to screen

Ô Green • From paper to screen

Here is some of animations I got to craft into a WebGL experience to promote Ô Green, the new Ltd Edition tea by SPECIAL.T.
Learn more about the project
Discover the experience

WebGL Experience Credit List:
Interactive Director: Julien Rault
Interactive Art Director: Lionel Taurus (Hello Monday)
Motion Director: Anthony Méric (Publicis Nurun)
Lead Creative Dev: Pierre Lepers (Make Me Pulse)
Creative Dev: Efflam Daniel (Publicis Nurun)
Sound Design: Rodolphe Alexis (Publicis Nurun)

8 février 2016 - Commentaires fermés sur MN84


Here is a quick motion loop self-initiated out of love of color-bursting lights through the darkness